OnApplicationFocus not being called in 3.5.3?

I have a script with a OnApplicationFocus() method on it which was working fine up until just now when I upgraded to 3.5.3, and now the OnApplicationFocus() method on it isn’t called when I switch to another application.

Is this a bug, or has something changed and the docs haven’t caught yet? Or is there something else here that I’ve missed?

OK I think we can conclude that the answer is “Yes there is a bug”. I will submit a bug report.

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Bug report link: https://fogbugz.unity3d.com/default.asp?477406_iuvtfcm7lemavtvs

Nothing in release notes.

Bug is both in PC and Mac versions.

I can confirm this to be a bug as well. On unity 3.5.0, OnApplicationFocus is called normally. However, the same method isn’t being called on 3.5.3.

Here’s hoping for a quick fix.


Revert to 3.5.2, installing it to separate folder.