OnClick() function not working!!!

My code is as follows:

public class Exit : MonoBehaviour {
	public GameObject pl1;
	public GameObject pl2;
	public Transform pl1v;
	public Transform pl2v;
	void Start () {
	public BeenClicked () {
		pl1.transform.position = pl1v.position;
		pl2.transform.position = pl2v.position;

OnClick is not working. what should I do?

Where’s OnClick function? I don’t see it. How can you say something’s not working when you don’t show a screenshot of the OnClick function in the editor?

Did you set it up correctly like this?

If you are talking about button onclick

add the script to your button then in the button
go to onclick() then click the + icon
drag the button(the one in which the script is added) in it
and then-
NoFunction–>Button(attached script) → select the function BeenClicked()