OnColliderStay does not work

Hello guys, I am having a problem with colliders, I am trying to do a conveyor belt, I have the player with a characterController and one box ( the future conveyor belt ) with one box collider. I put this function in the box:

var speed : float = 3.0;                           
    function OnCollisionStay(collisionInfo : Collision) 
    	/*var platformerController : PlatformerController = collisionInfo.gameObject.GetComponent( "PlatformerController" );
    	if( platformerController )
    		platformerController.setExternSpeed( Vector3( speed, 0, 0 ) );

But it did not work when the character is over the box. Even the Log did not appeared. Can someone give me some light? I tried to put kinemact rigid body in both objects but it didn’t work too. Thank you.

Yes, collisions between CharacterControllers and rigidbodies are weird: OnControllerColliderHit always works fine, but OnCollision events not. When the rigidbody hits the character, OnCollisionEnter events are sent to both; when the character hits the rigidbody, however, this event is almost never sent.

If possible, use OnControllerColliderHit - the alternative would be to have a trigger volume a little larger than the actual collider and use OnTrigger events instead.