OnCollisionEnter called once even with multiple contacts

I have a complex mesh which has multiple contact points for it to rest on the terrain, however it only calls OnCollisionEnter once when the first contact point hits the ground, when the other piece hits the ground nothing happens.
The mesh is a piece of twisted metal like from a wreck.

I need this to play a sound when the object collides so it seems unrealistic when the other contact point hits and no sound is heard.
The ground objects and the craft are both using mesh colliders with convex set to true.

Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this?


This is the right place- it’s not your fault it’s not as busy here as it should be. You are right- OnCollisionEnter only activates when the collision begins, however, the collision is kept track of in the physics engine. Try tracking individual contact points in ‘OnCollisionStay’ to manage your hit effects.