OnCollisionEnter: Collision takes also the parent tag

Hey everybody,

I have a problem with the methode CollisionEnter(Collision col). I have a player and if an enemy collides with him the game is over. A shield should protect the player a few secounds from colliding with the player. The shield object is a child of the player, but if the enemy hits the shield its also game over, although the shield hasnt the tag Player.

What can I do? Thank you for help, here is my code and a piece of my hierachy:


	void OnCollisionEnter (Collision col)
				if (col.transform.tag == "Player") {
						print ("Game over because hit enemy");
						Guiandco go = guiforgo.GetComponent<Guiandco> ();
						go.SendMessage ("GameOver", SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);


Instead of this col.transform.tag == "Player" you can use better this if (col.transform.GetChild(0).name != "shield") this code says if the col hit (player) has a child called shield on the index number 0 then will not game over.