oncollisionEnter help

first i working on my own project whihce you can try it here

i want to explode the plane if its body touched the ground but the problem here is .
the plane has tires and it is always touch the ground so i cant set the OnCollisionEnter() on the parent .
any help ???

I am assuming the plane starts on the floor and then takes off? Then you want it to blow up only when it collides with the ground while flying? Why not establish a “state” using a bool for flight. So when the plane takes off you set isFlying to true. Then when OnCollisionEnter fires first check isFlying and only destroy the plane is the flight state evaluates to true.

var isFlying : boolean;

function Update(){

\\ it mean the plane is flying
if (speed >150){
isFlying = true;
isFlying = false;

function OnCollisionEnter (collision : Collision){
if (isFlying){


it will be like this , thank you