OnCollisionEnter not called when collider is enabled and already inside another collider

I have a collider and a rigidbody on Object A. I want to register OnCollisionEnter on Object B, which too has a collider. This works fine, until I enable the collider component of Object A while it is inside of the collider of Object B. In that case OnCollisionEnter doesnt fire inside Object B.

This is highly problematic for my use case, since I can’t let Object B check for OnCollisionStay (which would be a workaround), since I have thousands of Object B in my scene and this introduces massive overhead.

I have to enable/disable the collider on Object A, so preventing this problem by not enabling/disabling is not an option.

Any ideas how I can trigger the event on collider component activation?

For anyone interested, I found the answer. Enable it, then disable it, then enable it.