OnCollisionEnter only activated if target is moving.

Hello, the thing is that I have 2 objects, missile and target.
The Missile has a Collider.
The Target has a Collided and a Rigidbody with no gravity.
Now the the missile is supposed to destroy the target but the OnCollisionEnter is not working unless,
the target is moving by either Gravity or by adding an script that makes the target move. Can anyone help??

Also I can’t add a rigidbody to the missile because then the particle system added to the missile won’t work. Thanks in advance.

It might not be the most optimal solution but for now it works.
Activating the gravity of the target on the Rigidbody Component and setting the Constraints Freeze Position on XYZ.
Adding gravity to the target rigidbody makes the OnCollisionEnter work.
Adding constraints Freeze Position XYZ makes the object stay in place.