OnCollisionEnter with two kinematic Rigidbodies?


I have a small FPS game where I want to hit something with an Axe and get the Angle of the Hit.
The Axe has a small box with the Hitbox containing a box collider and a rigidbody. The Wall has also a box collider and a rigidbody, both are Kinematic. Now i try to call the OnCollisionEnter and it doesn work…

I want to use the Collider to get the angles and stuff but I dont want that the Wall is pushing my Hitbox away which happens when IsKinematic is on false. The problem is that when I have both rigidbodies kinematic it wont trigger the event, but it works when i set them as trigger and it works when they are not kinematic but as i said the collider gets pushed away… Can anybody help me here?

Box Collider with Rigidbody and IsKinematic

Box Collider with Rigidbody and IsKinematic

I move the Axe with an animation to the Wall and in animation the Box Collider of the axe will get enabled!

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english…

Just set the axe as a trigger, otherwise, uncheck kinematic and select all boxes in freeze rotation and position.