OnDrop not being called, cant understand why

I’m creating a card game so it’s 2D and I have a draggable script in c# that uses IBeginDragHandler, IDragHandler, IEndDragHandler, IDropHandler

OnBeginDrag, OnDrag, and OnEndDrag are all being called without any problems, but OnDrop doesn’t get called. This just started yesterday, I was using GetComponent CanvasGroup ().blocksRaycasts = false; in the OnBeginDrag and = true in the OnEndDrag, but I started getting an error that said no CanvasGroup was attached to the gameobject I was dragging, so I attached the canvas and added a CanvasGroup to it. Now OnDrag doesn’t get called ever and I don’t understand why?

Just figured this out, the canvasgroup has to be added to the card, not the canvas