One Individual Scene is not displaying when built to IOS, however UI is interactive

Hi all,

This issue only happens on my built app via Xcode for testing purposes. Running the game within the editor works issue free, no errors whatsover

I’ve started having this issue today where my Start Menu Scene is causing a glitch to flutter the last open scene instead of displaying the menu components; I’m able to guess where my UI Start button is and the rest of my game works as should, but whenever opting to go to the start menu scene the issue persists.

Ex1: After the splash screen, the “Made For Unity” logo is glitching on its last stretch of fading away, that or just the white screen is leftover. Ex2; When I’m able to guess where the Start button is, the game boots up as should and runs well along with the GameOver/Final scene, when pressing my UI main menu button, the final scene is then fluttering instead of displaying the menu. In all cases, I’m able to interact with the start button, possibly all buttons but I’m unable to see what’s happening. Any ideas as to what may cause this?

Earlier on, the game would have the “Pink Screen Of Death” directly after the splash screen, I was able to get where I was now via resetting Quality + Player settings via the project settings. (In case this furthers any ideas)

Have put this to rest for tonight and will crack at it tomorrow, but thought I might as well post here for any tips