one more quick question if you will

Hey everyone I had my earlier question about lighting answered but I have one more quick question I would like to ask. The scene I’m working on for those that didn’t read my last question is a scene in a 3d rpg game I’m working on where a hero gets teleported by a friend to a dimension he created where everything is black. His friend is sitting about an hours walk from where the hero is by a camp fire. So in order to show the hero where he is using the campfire he puts up a glow in the sky like a rainbow. So my question is how do i achieve that glow effect and how do i make it disappear as the hero gets closer?

Probably a combination of particle effects and a script adjusted spotlight. Go to the game objects menu and click create other, find and click the particle system. Once it’s in, start adjusting values till you get the effect you like.

Then you’ll need to modify the particle system so that the particles shrink or whatnot the closer the hero gets.

Use this:

var dist = Vector3.Distance(Hero.position, Campfire.position)

Read the dist between the two and adjust your particles and spotlight accordingly(use in Update() or an invoke repeating).