One of my variable won't increase. [Answered.]

I start learning unity recently and I am using Unity 2017.3.0f3.
Now I’m creating a Block Breaker game and I tried to create a way to check win condition and to go to next level.

So I write those two variables:

public static int BreakableCount = 0;
public int RemindBricks = 0;

At start I write this code to count the number of blocks in my scene:

	isBreakable = (this.tag == "Breakable");
		if (isBreakable) {

Which works perfectly and after that I set the win condition:

void OnCollisionEnter2D (Collision2D col)
		Handlehits ();
		print ("bricks count is= " + BreakableCount);
		print ("remind brick is= " + RemindBricks);
		print ("_______________");
		if (RemindBricks == BreakableCount) {
	void Handlehits ()
		int MaxHit = hitsprites.Length + 1;
		if (TimeHit >= MaxHit) {
			DestroyObject (gameObject);

		} else {

My problem is RemindBricks only increased once and after that it won’t increase at all. Here is the result:


And here my entire project to download if you want. So please tell me why my variable won’t increase and how to fix it. Thanks.

Fixed it by making RemindBricks a static variable.

	public static int RemindBricks = 0;

The reason this happened was because when an object got destroyed RemindBricks would go back to 0.