One question about web build in Unity.

Hi. I have a one question about web build in Unity. I heard Unity does not allow build the plugins folder…because it can destroy the security system ,but when in my folder there is only one library Smartfox.dll …build goes well…but when I copy there MySql.Data.dll to connect with MySql data base…buid shows error “ArgumentException: The Assembly System.Configuration.Install is referenced by MySql.Data. But the dll is not allowed to be included or could not be found…” and “Error building Player: Extracting referenced dlls failed”.My question:"why in the first case of an error, while in the second case there is no?In both cases, the folder is dll.And how do I build on web…my MySql.Data.dll? Thanks.Sorry for bad English:)

Due to security issues on webplayer few of the namespaces are not allowed. Also directly accessing the mysql database from client side code is not advisable and chances of getting hacked is high.

well if connecting to database is the problem, why not try to use PHP to connect to the database, it works perfectly fine for me everytime. If you need a place to start that, try this link.