OnGUI - Multiple menus

I am creating a game and I am using a menu which has more than one layer of options, for example there will be 5 options from the main menu and then each option will branch of into its own sub-menu with its own options. Unity is very picky on where you call OnGUI, how would you create a multi-menu system which will lead to options screen, different game modes, and eventually the gameplay menu. Another way I could phrase this is “is there an easier way of selecting which GUI elements are to be shown other than a long list of if-else statements or switch (in c#)”.

Most tutorials I have looked at include one menu which leads to gameplay but not multiple menus

take a look at the 4.6 beta which exposes the event system making it quick & easy to do this sort of thing.

if you don’t want to use the beta or drop some coin for something in the asset store, delegates are a good solution for this…