OnGUI() Text Color through c# script

Hi there, been stuck on this for a while, searched possibly every question in relation to this and cannot find anything that will help nor work…

what i am trying to achieve is make the Text bigger, which is done by the guiStyle, but after doing this, it turned the text to Black from white, and i have a dark Horror scene so the text is now unreadable, it was near unreadable being the default size, and now it is a good size to read, but it has turned black and has become unreadable in that way…

and once again, i have searched around and tried many different ways, with GUISkins (which if someone could provide a good way to use these, as the Unity source code page on this did not help me much), using GUI.color = Color.white, i believe it is the guiStyle that is overwriting the color to be black, just wondering how i can either default it back to the default white or change it somewhere to allow it to be white in my coding?

    private GUIStyle guiStyle = new GUIStyle();

    void OnGUI()
        GUI.color = Color.white;
        guiStyle.fontSize = 20;
        //have tried GUI.color here

        if (isRinging)
            //have tried GUI.color here

   = TextAnchor.UpperLeft;

            //have tried GUI.color here

            GUI.Label(new Rect(10, 10, 1500, 900), "Task: Answer The Phone.", guiStyle);

I suspect this issue is due to the fact that you create a new GUIStyle, and use it for your label, but you do NOT assign this style a specific color. Since creating it yourself, you actually need to define the color for each GUIStyleState in the GUIStyle (normal, hover, etc…).

guiStyle.normal.textColor= Color.white;

Regarding GUI.color, I suspect you meant to use GUI.contentColor. But I think the GUIStyles is the better way to go.