Online Asset Server Hosting?

Are there any services which offer asset server hosting for Unity3D, much like Assembla offering SVN hosting?

I haven't found any hosting solutions that offer a pre-installed Unity Asset Server, but here are some virtual servers where you can install it yourself:

Most of these solutions look like they will cost you $20 per month, though Amazon is actually charged by the hour so you could turn on your asset server, sync the the project, and then turn it off and not spend very much money at all. Would be cool if someone could build the EC2 Api commands into an editor script so that it booted and closed the server automatically.

I wanted to let everyone know that our indie team had this problem so we decided to take this problem into our own hands and provide a simple option for developers. was set-up to help other game developers get up and running with asset server instantly.

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This might be useful:

There is a brand new service out that we are using that does exactly what you describe. You can find it at: There is a free trial too.

For clarity purposes, I will state I am a developer on this project, however I post this as an answer to the proposed question.

I'm not sure about that, but I do recommend using DropBox 0.7.110 version(Latest), this is really useful program, drop and drag to ur sharing folder, and ur partner can instatnly download it - probably with full speed of his internet, really useful, recommended.