online scoreboard

Hi, i want to create a online scoreboard, i was searching and found that i need a create a sql database and code a script in the game, i need that the database save(points,life,deaths,time,dificulty and level) and retrieve in any time when the player open the scoreboard screen, so my question is, can i wrote the code myself in a Script (C#) and use a database, without using a thrid party software, will be consume much time? whats its best? coded myself of use a third party?, any tutorial or something will be great, keep in mind that i am only me, in the proyect. Thanks in advance.

Depends on what you mean by third party in this context. The things you need to make it work are a host server with php and a mysql database, two scripts in php to post and get scores, and a script for Unity to communicate with the database via php scripts. You can find sample scripts like that here.

The hosting server can be bought from a provider (there are literaly thousands too choose from) or set up on your own machine (Apache HTTP server is the most popular), though the second option requires more work and some basic knowledge about databases and http servers.