Only a camera portion

Hi there,

Since my previous question might be a little too descriptive on what I would like to achieve, here is a more simplified one:

Is it possible in Unity to display only a portion of the camera view but to fill the whole screen with it?

The idea would be to be able to realise such panning movement without changing the actual camera position and its perspective:


After a few experiments I have managed to get something running:

The idea is to use a RenderTexture that you display on a GUITexture. That GUITexture having a resolution higher that the screen resolution, it becomes possible to move it around by changing its pixelInset values.

This technique prevents any camera movements, and so keeping the same camera angle between the prerendered background and the 3D camera view.

The only issue remaining with this technique is that the GUITexture might need to be of a high resolution in order to fill the whole screen without any quality loss.
Also, there’s at the moment no anti-aliasing available for RenderTexture, but it looks like they started working on it.

Looked for something similar and found the following solution:
This allows such effects as “Ken Burns” pans over your 3D scene as if it was a 2D image