Only Editor Can Connect with Standalone's Server

Hello! I have a little bit of a problem.

When I create a server in my game, All goes well. The level loads and the player spawns. But when I go to connect to the server with another standalone, be it on any other computer, the trying-to-connect client will… I hesitate to say freeze (it’s technically responsive but doesn’t work), in the function where I call the command, “Network.Connect(blahblahblah)” The only thing able to connect to the server that was created is the game ran from within the editor. It is definitely weird. I’ve checked and my code is consistent(ie: ip’s match, ports are open, ports match), but nothing seems to be wrong. The funny thing is that it was working literally five minutes before I tried it again. In that time that passed between, I had changed absolutely nothing with the networking code or anything remotely related to it. My guess is that it is an extremely peculiar bug that I’m not in control or aware of. Any help, fellow programmers?

Fixed it! I don’t know why it only worked in the editor, but I reworked the network code and its fine now. No Unity bug at all!