Only Get Parent Collision, not child

I have a parent with a trigger collider and it’s child, also with a trigger collider. I have this script on the parent:

void OnTriggerEnter2D (Collider2D c) {
		switch (c.tag) {
		case "object":
			crash ();

However, when the child touches an “object”, crash() is called. I only want to call it if it’s the parent itself colliding.

I still want the child to collide with “object” (and call a different function), but I only want to call crash if it’s the parent colliding, so layers aren’t an option as far as I know.

I resolved this by adding a kinematic rigidbody to the child. The collisions now register seperatelly.

Have you tried writing an explicit if statement saying that if(parentcollider collides) call that