Only one camera showing hard shadows on Android

I have a scene with Vuforia for Augmented Reality, but I can also change to another camera that uses touch navigation instead. When using the regular camera I can see shadows from my meshes onto other meshes in the scene, even on the android device, but when switching to the ARCamera all the shadows disappear from the scene. I’m using forward rendering.

To clarify, shadows are working perfectly EXCEPT when the active camera is the Vuforia ARCamera.

There is a solution for this problem here, there is a script to add to the ARCamera to make it work.

Go to edit than project setting than you will find the quality settings tweak the values in android column
i have the same issue than i tweak the values in android column after its working fine in my case and if you scroll down than you also some settings of shadow and also tweak light shadows like shadow type