Only one Instance of Animator is affected by parameter changes

I’ve created a prefab of my character’s hands and I’m using an Animator to play animations based on the state. Unfortunately only one of the instances of the Animator is being affected by the parameter changes I’m making in code. I’ve tried linking the prefab directly to the class I’m using, but that doesn’t affect either of the instances.

What I’ve gathered is that I must just be referencing a specific instance of my Animator, and therefore only that instance is being controlled, but I’m unsure how to go about changing a parameter in all of the instances of the same Animator in a scene.

Here’s the code I’m using to access the Animator parameters:

                m_gloveAnimator.SetFloat("PlayerSpeed", m_rigidbody.velocity.magnitude);

It has no effect on an instance if you change the prefab after Instantiate(). Maybe you should make a script like an manager where are all animators get stored in a list or something. When you want to change a parameter you have to iterate trough them and call the function on every single instance.