Only pay performance for features actually use

I would like official to make both urp and hdrp to only pay performance for the features that actually use meaning there's the features list windows to toggle on/off. When toggle off it will exclude from the RenderPipelineManager update loop. Currently it seems like by default at URP, it already takes around 4ms+ at Android mobile platform with just insanely simple scene only has a plane and a cube which is insanely slow. And also since render graph coming to URP, I hope official will enable this feature list toggle window.



Hi, answering for HDRP. Given Unity is a generic engine with multiple differents need, it is difficult to find the right balance between shader variants and available features.
Being able to disable every features individually may require to do a lot of shader variation and thus increasing shader compilation time (or anoying wait for shader to compile in editor). This is the main reasons why there is some default cost.

Is that possible to utilize burst to speed up shader compilation time?

Nope, the current bottleneck is indide the shader compilation itself (i.e FXC) - there is various discussion in other threads about to try to reduce shader variances.

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