Only texture assetbundle

Hello. I’m trying to pack all the project’s textures in one assetbundle. I follow the example code, and the bundle is created. But when I run the project from the editor or the WebPlayer the textures are shown even before loading the assetbundle. I noticed that the build’s size isn’t lower that before.

Somebody knows why the build process doesn’t exclude the bundled textures? Maybe because no game object that references them is in the bundle?

You have to manually remove the textures from your scene and then add a script to the object that will load the textures from the asset bundle and use it.

I would be interested to know if this was a common misunderstanding about asset bundles.

The documentation only refers to assetbundles as a package that contain assets that can be downloaded and instantiated. But if I bundle some resources, as textures and sounds, I was expecting that every gameobject on scenes could reference them automaticly when downloaded.
This is right if I bundle gameobjects or prefabs, and they can keep references to other bundled resources, as textures. This is clear from the AssetBundle Unity example.

But I didn’t know this is not true for the rest of scene’s objects and prefabs. So, now I have a lot of scenes, with hundreds of objects, and it will be painfull to add their textures by scripting.

Maybe I should bundle the whole scene.

Thanks for clarify this.