OnMouseDown works where OnMouseUp fails

Hey there. I’ve got a sprite with the following code attached:

void OnMouseUp ()

For some reason, this does not work. Instead, it reloads the same level. m_layoutTarget is a string and is defined correctly and the line IS triggered appropriately, as tested by a breakpoint. However, when I use OnMouseDown, it does work, and perfectly so! Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this strange behaviour?

hmmm well if it is loading the same level then the button is loading cos you get the load

or ther is a mouse down in a script thats activating 1st cos u need to mouse down before up

but if you change it to mouseDown it depends what one is running 1st

have a look if you have more mouse downs being called

my last advice is use Application.LoadLevel(“level name as string”); works too and if you add levels you dont need to worry about the order