OnMouseEnter is blinking

Hello !
Since the last 4 days, I’m working on a script highlighting .
When my cursor is over a special object, I apply a special effect to it.

My problem is that I use the function OnMouseEnter and OnMouseExit to make it work but they are “blinking”, the effect don’t stop to appear and desappear.

Here’s my code :


private Shader normal;
private Shader hover;
private Renderer renderer;

void Start()
    renderer = GetComponent<Renderer>();
	normal = Shader.Find ("Standard");
	hover = Shader.Find ("FX/Gem");

void OnMouseEnter()
	GetComponent<Renderer> ().material.shader = hover;

void OnMouseExit()
	GetComponent<Renderer> ().material.shader = normal;

My last solution is to change my code to a Raycast system… But I prefer to ask you before to change.

(Sorry for my poor english…)

Ok, i’ve found one new information. The problem come from my network system. When it’s not launched, highlight script work perfectly.
So anyone has solution ? Maybe an idea ?