OnMouseEnter not registering on children GO's

hey everyone, i have this code :

var Currentlevel : int = 1;

var CurrentDamage : float = 5.0;

var MaxLevel : int = 3;

var FireRate : float = 1.5;

function Update () {


function OnMouseEnter()
Debug.Log( "It worked" );
 renderer.material.color = Color.red;


function OnMouseExit()

 renderer.material.color = Color.white;


This code is attached to a parent object, that has no collider or rigidbody, just a empty gameobject, and the children are the objects with the colliders and objects and whatnot. problem is, the OnMouseOver function isn’t returning anything.

OnMouseEnter/OnMouseExit work on the collider attached to the specific game object. No collider, no calls. You can put individual scripts on the children, or you can go to a Raycast() solution. Child scripts could channel their hits to the parent using SendMessage() or by directly accessing a component on the parent.