OnParticleCollision hitting the non-existent Collider?

There’s an object, let’s call it Player (tag: player) that does not have a collider attached to it. It is fully surrounded by an object, let’s call it Shield (tag:defence) with a sphere collider. A particle system with a collider enabled hits the Shield. OnParticleCollision method takes gameobject as an input. When I try to get the gameobject, I get Player.


Which is impossible. So I tried


and I get an error - no collider attached!

I don’t understand this (other similar objects like bullets and LineRenderers) do not have this problem:

  1. Why doesn’t the ParticleSystem detect Shield with a Collider attached
  2. How does it detect Player WITHOUT a collider?

This is very confusing. When I click off the collider on the Shield, Player is not detected anymore.

Is this smth to do with the layer? or the particle sys rendere?

I’'ve the very same issue, my only workaround its

	void OnParticleCollision(GameObject collided)
        if (collided.GetComponent<Collider>())

ITs a whame because getcomponent so often is not the cheapest thing…