OnParticleCollision Question

ok, Im stumped, so i’d appreciate any help. I’m new to Unity, so If I need to attach a link to the project, i can do that.

I’m trying to get a GameObject to collide with individual particles. I’ve tried both documentation samples for OnParticleCollision, and every post i could find, and nothing is working.

I have the OnParticleCollision script attached to the GameObject, which has a box collider, rigid body, and script components attached to the GameObject component. there is also an animation component attached, which for now is turned off.

My Particle System GameObject has a box collider, World Particle Collider, and the particle system component attached. The attached Particle system’s component simulation space, and collision is set to world, the “Send Collision Messages” box is checked.

I’m pretty sure i’m not setting up the assets right in the scene, or missing something in how Unity associates scripts with objects.

This is a project for google cardboard, so when played its in binocular view. The red cylinder in the scene should be colliding with the red sphere’s in the scene. Here’s a link to the zipped up project:


My apologies for the rudimentary setup of the project, im new to Unity.
Thank you in advance for any help.

Well, you’re in luck because I just made this video yesterday. I explained the exact steps to set up the Particle System and the object it’s colliding with to make OnParticleCollision() be called.