OnPostprocessGameObjectWithUserProperties not working with strings, floats, vectors and enums

Hi, I added an attribute each for a Maya object of types string, float, int, bool, vector and enum and exported it out as an fbx. I have a simple editor script as of now that extends the AssetPostprocessor class and prints out the attribute names and values for the asset on importing into Unity.

public class UserDataRetrievalPostProcess : AssetPostprocessor {

    void OnPostprocessGameObjectWithUserProperties(GameObject go, string[] names, object[] values)
        Debug.Log("OnPostprocessGameObjectWithUserProperties for " + go.name);
        for (int i = 0; i < names.Length; i++)
            Debug.Log("Prop name: " + names _+ ", values: " + values*);*_
_*<p>But all I get are the bool and int properties. The string, float, vector and enum properties aren't being read in by the post processor.</p>*_
_*<p>Is this a limitation of the Unity AssetPostprocessor script or am I missing something here??</p>*_

This is a bug. We fixed it for Unity3.