OnTriggerEnter and OnTriggerStay often not registering

Hello, Im making a physics based game in unity, and im making the ground detection of the player a trigger sphere collider parented to the player himself. Both the ground and the sphere have kinematic rigidbodies. Now, when i try checking for the ground via OnTriggerEnter and OnTriggerStay it sometimes just doesnt register, and my player is lying on the ground with the script thinking im still in the air. I have searched the internet for this and nothing helped. Any ideas?

Edit: I found out this happens when the ground detection leaves the collider of another object thats not the ground, even if its still on the ground. I tried using CompareTag, adding physics layers, nothing helped.

Hi @Navii0. I am not so sure about this solution. I haven’t tried it before. I think to fix this, change your rigidbodies to dynamic and set gravity scale to zero. This will have the same effect as a kinematic rigidbody and hopefully(notice I’m saying HOPEFULLY) it will work.

Another solution that will HOPEFULLY work is try seeing if your sphere is actually touching the ground.

ANOTHER solution that will HOPEFULLY work is adding a collider to your ground.

My last and final solution that will HOPEFULLY work is to uncheck the isTrigger box of your spheres collider and use OnCollisionEnter.