onTriggerEnter broken?

The function onTriggerEnter does nothing when I call it in C#.

I constructed a simple scene to experiment with onTriggerEnter as follows:

The Collider (IsTrigger : NOT CHECKED, Rigidbody)

alt text

The Trigger (IsTrigger : CHECKED)

alt text

And a simple script attached to the Trigger containing the following:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class triggerScript : MonoBehaviour {

void onTriggerEnter () {
	Debug.Log ("Entered the trigger.");


I hit Play, the Collider falls through the Trigger, and nothing shows up in the console window (checked frame-by-frame). They both have the same Z position. I was working on a simple game when I ran into this. Following the Unity Trigger tutorial didn’t work and I’ve been looking for a solution all night. I have to be missing something.

EDIT: Just got reminded that OnTriggerEnter begins with a capital letter and I also forgot the “(Collider other)”. I’ve made the changes but it still doesn’t work?

EDITEDIT: Turned one of the colliders off by accident.

Capitalize the ‘O’ on the function name: void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other){}

Does the object that enters the trigger has a rigidbody on it? Only the rigidbody object can be detected by the triggers update.

void OnTriggerEnter( collider col ) 
Debug.Log("A object named " + col.gameObject.name + " has entered this trigger!");