OnTriggerEnter does not always return the same result / intersections detected without any collision

Hey there,

this picture displays my current problem setup:

On the right there is a Triangle Like object with a meshCollider as Trigger. (From now Object A)
In the Middle there is a wheel with a capsule triggercollider witch is attached to the cubelike TriggerCollider on the bottom. (From now Object B)

The problem is the following: when i place B at the position as shown in the pic, without A present and then add A afterwards i do NOT get a OnTriggerEnter call. When i place A and then add B afterwards i get a OnTriggerEnter call between those 2 objects even though they are clearly not intersecting.

The object i am currently editing at any point (so the object that gets added later will have a rigidbody attached to enable oncollision detections.

I set the positions of any object by directly setting transform.position without movement. Lowering the Physics contact offset did not have any effect.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or input. Let me know if you need more information about the setup.

Apparently i was stupid and did not realise that Trigger also trigger the OnTriggerEnter when entering a nontrigger Collider…