OnTriggerEnter doesn't read a tag of a moving object

Hi, im making a survival game. im doing with getting woods, etc i create a axe and tag it with a tag called axe
for some reason when i move my player and my axe to the OnTriggerEnter(only the axe enter) but it doesn’t do anything
is/are there a possible way to fix this?

PS. the script also check the tag axe

There are several possible and sadly common things that might cause this, but the two things that first crossed my mind were that you might have forgotten to set the tag of the axe, or that the colliders are both static, causing the Unity physics engine not to register the collision.

Check this table to see what collides with what. If changing the type of the objects doesn’t work, I’d like to see your code and learn a bit more about your scene setup.