onTriggerEnter Doesn't work no matter what

I have a problem with onTriggerEnter function as it doesn’t seem to be called no matter what I do.
Things I have so far

  • Collider on both objects and Trigger checked on object I move
  • Rigid body on object I move
  • Script added to object I move

Script on the object:

#pragma strict
var trigger : boolean;

function Start () {

function Update () {

function onTriggerEnter (other:Collider) {
	trigger = true;        

function OnGUI () {
	if (trigger == false) {
		GUI.Label (new Rect (20, 60, 100, 30), "False"); 
	if (trigger == true) {
		GUI.Label (new Rect (20, 60, 100, 30), "True"); 

I have no idea why the trigger function hates me as I looked through a lot of other solutions and none have worked. At this point I am out of ideas why it’s not working.

Case sensitivity matters. The method is called OnTriggerEnter, not onTriggerEnter

Problem was with my objects having mesh colliders it seems. I changed 1 of them to have a sphere collider and it instantly started working. Not sure why it happen and thankfully that object was sphere shaped.