OnTriggerEnter/Exit work in an unexpected way

Hi all,

I have a weird problem with OnTrigger functions - ‘OnTriggerEnter’ is called before even contact with other collider and ‘OnTriggerExit’ is not called immediately when leave collider… - just please look at attached Gif - I hope you’ll get my point I could explain me why it is working that way :open_mouth: I would expect that ‘OnTriggerEnter’ will be called when two colliders start overlap themselves and opposite for ‘OnTriggerExit’.




Hmm… It seems like there is another hidden collider connected to one of the boxes. Did you check the hierarchy?

Here is screenshot:

As you can see I have only two boxes - each one with only one collider attached but maybe there is something other wrong with my settings ?

meat5000 - I don’t know what is Skin Depth - where I can check it ?

PS: The same happening for normal collision - from where this invisible border come from ?