OnTriggerEnter is not running! Need help with collision.

I am making jumping game and I have a problem.(I am using Unity 4 and 2D Toolkit.) I have a 3 sprite in scene.First layer, second shaman(main character), third gold. I want to collision shaman and gold.When shaman touched gold, I want to destroy gold.

Here is the code:

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider collision)
if (collision.gameObject.tag == “goldshaman”)

I made a shaman tag is goldshaman and shaman and gold is own to sphere collider. Also is trigger marked.(gold and shaman). Shaman and gold is same z axis.Gold is moving and touched shaman but shaman is not destroy.

Simply can’t work why?

Please help guys.

Hi teteye,

I was just pointed to this page of the documentation yesterday, scroll at the bottom, there is a chart showing what reacts to what. Probably you need a rigidbody on your shaman.

I add a Rigidboy(use gravity and is kinematic) on Gold and Shaman. After solved a problem.
Thank you gregzo!