OnTriggerEnter not triggering

I would like to change the speed of the gameobject and move it towards the target position once it enters the collider.
103390-boundary-layer-speed-change.pngThe console registers the ‘CollideWithBoundaryLayer’ message but the gameobject does not change its speed or move towards the target position after entering the collider. Can anyone please help!

OnTriggerEnter() is executed ONCE when it enters a trigger collider. You do your translation with the modified speed, which is executed once. Basically it changes speed briefly (which you don’t realise) and then returns to the original speed that propably is in your Update().

I suggest you make your speed a known variable to your class, which is also used in your Update(), and when you want to modify the speed (which is inside OnTriggerEnter()) , assign a new float to speed.