OnTriggerEnter, OnTriggerExit Work Only Once

I’m having a problem with the my triggers not being triggered more than once.

I have three types of objects which are instantiated and put into three pre-existing parents. Each of the three objects are instantiated multiple times (with unique names) and all put into their appropriate parents. Each has a collider (with Is Trigger selected) and a rigidbody attached. Example Hierarchy:


There is then one large collider set to Is Trigger, also with a rigidbody attached, which acts as the boundary of the playable area. If one of the instantiated objects goes outside, it is Destroyed.

However the both the OnTriggerEnter and OnTriggerExit only work for the first instantiated object which enters or leaves. All others are simply ignored for some reason. I have verified multiple times that every one of them has the same collider, rigidbody, and all other settings both before and after the first trigger occurs.

Does anyone have any ideas?

your trigger shouldnt be the playable area it should be 4 areas outside of the area.

You define where you dont want them to go you dont spawn them inside the trigger

and use ontriggerexit.

Turn off “collapse” in the console, or if you’re using Unity 4, keep collapse on and pay attention to the line count on the right.