OnTriggerEnter problem

Hello! I have two objects. First object is moving through another one. But I have not seen calling of either OnTriggerEnter or OnTriggerExit. Why it could be ?

I can send you my project. It is very simple project.

Ok ive located your problem:

You are trying to collide two meshes with each other. However unity will only accept mesh on mesh collisions if the convex check mark is activated on each collider (this limits mesh collider vertices for performance). So if you go onto your two mesh colliders then you see the convex parameter under the trigger parameter. Now run your Application.

Hope this Helps Vinpasso

Could it be that both of your colliders are actual Colliders? In this case you would need to mark the "Trigger" check mark in the Inspector of each object or use OnCollision Enter and Exit instead depending on the behaviour you want.

In case this is not a solution i am happy for you to send me the files here: vbode@poach-studios.com