onTriggerEnter stop working during the game

hello everyone,
this is a strange problem that i’ve been facing for the last couple of days, i am making a simple brick breaker, and sometimes during the game the ball just ignore the paddle and keep moving, it doesn’t have a specefic time or condition to do that, it just do it sometime, i try to track it and see if something happens to the box collider component or the riggeedbody but nothing special everything is normal, so i want to know if any of you have faced a similar problem before,
PS :
-The ball has a box collider, and it is set to “isTrigger”
-the ball also has a riggedBody with gravity set to zero and everything is default

-the paddle has boxCollider and it is set to “isTrigger”

thank you

the problem was here :

 void OnTriggerEnter (Collider collider)
            {  Debug.Log("touch");
               //play sound
               audio.PlayOneShot (blue);
               //make the ball bounce
               **speed = -speed;**
               //generate new ball   
               spawn.generate (1);

it is because i don’t just move the paddle left and right, i rotate it too, so it is possible that the ball hit the paddle twice very quickly, which will make the speed reverse itself more than once, i fixed the problem by removing “speed = -speed” and instead make the ball move toward the initiate location (go back from where it comes)

thanks everyone for your help

give mass difference between ball and brick, make isTrigger=false and use OnCollisionEnter()

To add to the other answers, you might consider making your paddle collider thicker if the ball is moving fast to prevent slip-throughs.

problem solved, check OP update