OnTriggerEnter triggers twice when changing the parent of a gameObject inside of a collider.

184520-ezgif-2-d3c208cab078.gifI’ve noticed that when I change a gameObject’s parent inside of an isTrigger collider it triggers the OnTriggerEnter function again. Is there possibly some option to change this? Or possibly some way to mimic the behavior of a child object without actually parenting it to another object, (but still allowing it to move like a rigidbody parented to a gameObject)?

The gif below shows you what kind of behavior I’m looking for. Notice how the red ball has a rigidbody and is parented to the cube but still has its position updated by the cube in various ways. I’m looking to do this without actually parenting the red ball.

I have exactly the same issue :(,I have the same problem :frowning:

I have the same issue :frowning:

Hello, I’ve had the same issue as well. In my case, I parented my enemy rigidbody to my player so I can move the enemy around, however my damage triggered twice because of this. I worked around the solution however by turning Rigidbody.detectCollisions to false, and then turning it on when my enemy was unparented. I just wanted to share a potential workaround for this problem.