OnTriggerEnter() Works only Sometimes, way to make it work all the time?

The image shows a sword & a wall collider on the column. The sword has a collider with “isTrigger” checked. The column is a box collider.

Often when the sword swings and makes contact with the collider, it registers. However, about 40% of the time or so, it does not and the sword goes through the box collider without any registration of a collision. This happens with other objects to. (Right now it’s just walls and static objects, but soon it’ll be enemies, and so I’d hope to make sure that all collisions are registered.) The code – a script attached to the sword – is below – any help would be greatly appreciated!!

function OnTriggerEnter(other : Collider)
		print("Weapon Hit: " + other.gameObject);
		Instantiate(wallHitPrefab, transform.position, Quaternion.identity);

I’m not sure if you got this fixed but using a rigidbody helps with this situation. For some reason just having that seems to do a better job with collision with everything…

go to Edit → Projectseting → Time and change the fixed timestamp value, by defalut it is 0.02 cahnge it to 0.03.

I had the same problem, try using these steps.

-Apply colliders and rigidBody on both object, you can check iskinematic of rigidbody.
-Make collider side big enough that it doesn’t get skipped due to frames (because of collider size is small and and player is in another frame and collider is on another frame, it’ll miss the trigger)