OnTriggerEnter works, OnTriggerExit doesn't

The player object has a gameobject with a small collider cube (set as trigger) at eye height. The following script is attached to that object:

	// Use this for initialization
	void OnTriggerEnter(Collider trigger ) {
		if (trigger.gameObject.tag == "flooder" && !playerStats.m_headUnderWater){			
			Debug.Log("head under water");

	 void OnTriggerExit(Collider trigger) {
	 	if (trigger.gameObject.tag == "flooder"){
	 		Debug.Log("head left water");

This is supposed to detect if a players head is underwater to trigger drowning.

The on trigger enter works fine, but on trigger exit will never register (not even the debug statements)

The body of water has a kinematic rigid body and a mesh collider set (also with trigger = true) to make collision possible and they are both in a layer that detects collision with the other layer. Tried setting the rigid body collision detection to continuous but even that did nothing.

Any help is appreciated!

Found out that box colliders work in this setup, but mesh colliders do not. I’m thinking about submitting a bug report to unity

Maybe your rigid body falls asleep?

No , You wrong

I had the same problem but , think a little bit about it !

when you disabling that object while it entering to the area , YOU DISABLED IT , means that there is no active collider on scene that determines the OnTriggerExit !

if you use SetActive to disable the object that you want , Completely Wrong , You can use :

yourObject.transform.localScale = Vector3.zero;