OnTriggerEnter2D and OnTriggerExit2D not working correctly

Basically I have 2 boxes. 1 box that has a rigidbody and a box2Dcolliderand 1 box that is static and has a trigger box2Dcollider. What happens is that I get multiple calls to OnTriggerEnter2D, ~10 calls when an object enters. And then when it exits I get 0 calls to OnTriggerExit2D.

What could be the problem?

I discovered that if you alter the transformation of a rigidbody in any way, you break all OnTriggerEnter2D and OnTriggerExit2D methods.

To fix the problem I basically implemented my own OnTriggerEnter, OnTriggerStay and OnTriggerExit using a overlap cast from Physics2D. Works for box and circle colliders. If anyone is interested I could post the source code. It has pretty good performance and works great even if you change the transformation (scale, rotation, position … ).