open a animated door

Hi i have some probleme with animation in unity :s
I do a animation of a door in 3ds max. I export my door in fbx and i import this one in unity.
Now i don’t even understand how launch the animation of the door. I can see my animation on preview (inspector) but nothing on my “game window”.

My purpose is when i approche the door with my first person controller and I press a key, the animation of the door start.
How can i do that?

Thanks in advance

PS: sorry for my english =s

Well, if you animate the door in 3DS Max, it won’t animate physics (or it may, but it would run slowly)

I’m a beginner myself, but what I suggest…
Make the model’s origin on the door hinges, then rotate it in the script using transform.Rotate. You might want to disable to colliders while it’s moving though.

well the first step is to probably add a collider on the door and make it a trigger by clicking the is trigger box. Then move the collider where you want it in correlation to the door. Next, add a script to the door that has the key press and and the plays the animation. Something like

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) 
if (Input.GetKeyDown ("space"))

forgive layout or possible errors in my code, I am on my phone.

OMG !!! that’s work… but don’t really know how it’s work…i take a script found on the net, i put the rig of the door on legacy and it’s work…
This is the script:

var DoorGameObject : Transform; // This is a reference to the door GameObject that has your animation
private var HasTriggerBeenUsed : boolean = false; // This is to make sure that the button is not repeatedly pressed.
private var setTrigger : boolean = false;
function OnTriggerStay() {
   if (Input.GetKeyDown("e") && !HasTriggerBeenUsed) {
      DoorGameObject.animation.Play("Take 001");
      setTrigger = true;
   else if (Input.GetKeyDown("e") && HasTriggerBeenUsed) {
      DoorGameObject.animation.Play("Take 001"); // Insert name of DoorClose animation instead of that
      setTrigger = true;
   if (setTrigger) { HasTriggerBeenUsed = !HasTriggerBeenUsed; }

Now i would like to play a sound when i launch the animation, how can i do this?
thx in advance (and thx for your answer rowdyp )