Open AND CLOSE webpage

So basically I am doing web based games, and what I want to do is have a quit button than closes the current page (the game) and opens the main website.

I do understand the Application.OpenURL function but is there an opposite function that can close a page? Or a function to just close the current page the game is in, Thanks.

A better option would be to use `Application.ExternalEval()` to run some JavaScript on the page on which your game is embedded in.

A simple JavaScript to open a new page (in a tab or window) would be:

 var newWindow ='', 'title')
      // more optional parameters at link below

and to close the opened window:


In full:

 function openWindow(name, url, title) {
      Application.ExternalEval("var " + name + " ='" + url + "', '" + title + "')");
 function closeWindow(name) {
      Application.ExternalEval(name + ".close()");

See more on `` and `window.close()`.

The only problem with this method would be that the user's browser would block pop-up windows that are not triggered by a button or link on the page. The user would probably be notified, and be given an option to allow popups in this situation. However, their browser might also refresh the page.