Open Collada Causing mesh deformations to behave wildly.

I’m using OpenCollada exporting to get the models i’m using into Unity.

I’ve been able to isolate that there’s a problem with the skin modifier (3ds max) in that Unity doesn’t seem to be able to read it properly… the timing of the animations is there but the deformations are not working properly.

I would like to stick with using Open Collada mainly as i’ve never been able to get FBX to work properly (it always snaps to the world 0,0,0 position on runtime and i haven’t been able to find a way around that.)

suggestions? or is this a bug?

I’ve figured out the reasons for this issue.

  1. the vertex weighting has to be baked down from the envelopes and on to the verticies.
  2. the animations need to be baked down.