Open File Panel/Dialog on Android

Hey, i want to make a Cinema Simulator. So basically you have to choose a video file in the game (on Android) and after you choose it you press a button and it plays on a screen (the screen is a white cube). So, just a movie texture. And i want to know if i use Script* will work on Android, and i wonder if it works with movie textures.


    // Opens a file selection dialog for a PNG file and overwrites any
    	// selected texture with the contents.
    	class EditorUtilityOpenFilePanel {
    		@MenuItem("Examples/Overwrite Texture")
    		static function Apply () {
    			var texture : Texture2D = Selection.activeObject;
    			if (texture == null) {
    					"Select Texture",
    					"You Must Select a Texture first!",
    			var path = EditorUtility.OpenFilePanel(
    					"Overwrite with png",
    			if (path.Length != 0) {
    				var www = WWW("file:///" + path);

You missed yield www; before using www.LoadImageIntoTexture, and movie textures on mobile are not supported but you can use Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie